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The NEW Versatile M300K Musser Performer Marimba: One Frame, Two Instruments

Posted on May 13, 2013

For Immediate Release

Musser is bringing innovation to both the inside and outside playing fields.  Have the superior Musser sound from the Kelon Bars, durable in all performing weather conditions, or change to the upgraded Rosewood Bars on the same frame.

“The Musser M300K Performer Marimba is built to accommodate the musical performance for the field with a robust frame, as well as the inside concert hall,” said Jim Catalano, Musser Business Manager.  He continued, “The ability to have one frame that can hold Kelon Synthetic Bars or be interchangeable with Rosewood Bars is a great feature.”

The Bars have an exact tuning and balance in 4.3 Octave range, providing the unmistakably unique Musser sound.  With scratch resistant and durable silver vein powder coated resonators for full bodied tone. 

The M300K Performer Marimba also comes standard with an adjustable gas strut, from 34” to 44”, to accommodate the various heights in student performers.  It has 8” hard rubber wheels that allow for ease of placement on most any surface. As well, the accessory rack with strong square bars and clamps hold a wide variety of additional cymbals, snare drums, etc.

The new M300K Musser Performer Marimba stays true the American made Musser sound with this all-weather, versatile 2-in-1 transformer performance instrument every band will want to be playing on. 

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