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The Conn-Selmer Division of Education increases outreach through N.A.M.M.

Posted on March 12, 2012

NAMM.jpgThe Conn-Selmer Division of Education increased their support and outreach through the National Association of Music Merchants, N.A.M.M. this year at the 2012 N.A.M.M. show in Anaheim, California.

Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Vice President of Education for Conn-Selmer served as the keynote speaker for N.A.M.M.’s “Education Days” in which 500 teachers from the surrounding area participated in a multi-day docket of clinics, concerts, and workshop presentations.  Marcia Neel, President of Music Education Consultants, also served as one of the select clinicians.  Marcia is a tenured faculty member of the Conn-Selmer Institute where she leads the college division.

In addition, Beth Sokolowski, Director of Music Education at the University of the Performing Arts in Philadelphia, and Gary Markham, Supervisor of Music in Cobb County public schools in Georgia, were presenters for the Conn-Selmer Institute, in collaboration with N.A.M.M., at sessions focusing on the critical role of the music administrator.  The two day event was an extension of the music supervisor program that was initiated at the 2011 Conn-Selmer Institute held at Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Music supervisors and coordinators from several states participated in the N.A.M.M. sponsored program.  Guest speakers also included Jim Frankel from Sound Tree and Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser.

“Music education has become a major investment for Conn-Selmer,” says John Stoner, President and CEO of Conn-Selmer, Incorporated.  “We continue to pour resources into leadership, advocacy, and training focused on music education.  With the Conn-Selmer Institute in its thirteenth year, the addition of Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser as our Vice President of Education, and the entire team of quality faculty he has assembled, we are committed to continually strengthening our position as the leader in educational support.”

For more information on N.A.M.M. visit www.namm.org.  For more information on the Conn-Selmer Division of Education and Conn-Selmer Institute visit www.csinstitute.org. 

About Conn-Selmer

Conn-Selmer, under a portfolio of brands, is the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments for student, amateur, and professional use.  With a tradition of innovation, and superior musical performance, brands such as Vincent Bach, CG Conn, King, Holton, Selmer, Armstrong, Leblanc, Ludwig, Musser, Scherl & Roth, Glaesel, and William Lewis have earned a legacy of respect unparalleled by any other builders.  Conn-Selmer is also the North American distributor of Selmer Paris woodwinds, the US distributor of Yanagisawa saxophones, and the global distributor of the Jiggs pBone (the world's only plastic trombone).  With a focus on quality craftsmanship, Conn-Selmer operates US production facilities in Elkhart, IN, Cleveland, OH, Eastlake, OH, Lagrange, IL, and Monroe, NC.  Through its educational outreach team, led by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser, Conn-Selmer is the industry leader in providing support and advocacy tools specifically tailored to music education.  For more information on the complete line of instruments, services, and support available from Conn-Selmer, visit www.conn-selmer.com.


Posted by Greg Keel on
Conn-Selmer saxophone clinician Greg Keel here. Can you give me the current contact email for clinician bookings through Conn-Selmer? We have our annual Twin Cities Saxophone Day event approaching later this year, and once again are hoping to present a Selmer artist as part of the day's performance and clinic events.

Thank you!

Greg Keel
Posted by Misty on
Saying that i love my connstellation would be an utdnrstaeement. It is the best horn that i have ever played in my life. I have yet to find anything that this thing cant do. BTW: The song is Admiral's Horn by Maynard and seeing as it came off of the album Storm , he was using a Holton ST302 with a Monette mouthpiece.
Posted by Mariel on
cbyrd5278October 1, 2011 I had this exact same model machine, buhogt it almost new in the box in 2000. It had been a wedding gift in 1993 and was never used. It was my favorite machine and I miss it terribly. I had to sell it about 3 years ago due to financial problems. I got over 500 for it but I would rather have it back, lol. I really want an ultralux classic, I love the blue. either one seems hard to find all original. So many mismatched ones out there. Nice machine. Im a collector too by the way
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