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Dr. Matthew Arau - Assistant Professor of Music, Lawrence University

  • Leadership Matters: Enhance Your Music Program with Effective Student Leadership
  • Making the Connection
  • Unlocking Potential: The Impact of Mindset on Success
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Dr. Peter Boonshaft - Professor of Music, Hofstra University

  • "If Only I Knew Then…"
  • "Inspired Teaching: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue!"
  • "Teaching Music with Purpose: 25 Things You Can Do Tomorrow to Improve Your Ensemble"
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Tom Bracy - Director of Education Programs, Conn-Selmer Division of Education

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David Branson - Educational Clinician

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Michael Butera - Executive Director, National Association for Music Education

  • Keynote Speaker
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Jim Catalano - Ludwig Artist

  • "Teaching Performance Techniques of Percussion Accessories and Mallet Instruments to All School Percussionists"
  • "Teaching Snare Drum, Bass Drum and Timpani Techniques to Young Percussionists"
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Erin Cole - Band Director, Tapp Middle School

  • "Make Me a Match"
  • "Building the Bridge Between Middle School and High School"
  • "Classroom Management"
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Dr. Paula A. Crider - Professor Emerita, University of Texas, Austin

  • "Back to Basics & Beyond"
  • "Non-Verbal Communication: Making the Most of Your Rehearsal"
  • "Learn to Teach as If Your Hair's on Fire!"
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Dr. Kenneth Dye - Director of Bands, University of Notre Dame

  • "Profiles in Leadership"
  • "Arranging Music for Your Ensemble"
  • "So You Want a College Job? Searching, Surviving, Thriving!"
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Jeremy Earnhart - Director of Fine Arts, Arlington Independent School District

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Dr. Jim Frankel - Director, MusicFirst

  • Online Assessment for your Performance Ensembles
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Antonio Garcia - Director of Jazz Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • "It's about Time: Improve Your Groove"
  • "Demystifying the Rhythm Section"
  • "Thematic Dissonance: No Wrong Notes!"
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Randy Gilmore - President, Marching Show Concepts

  • "Selecting the Right Music and Drill"
  • "Defining Your Visual Presentation"
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Col. Lowell Graham - Director of Orchestra Activities, The University of Texas at El Paso

  • "Audio for the Band Director"
  • "Bands - Your Tool of Influence"
  • "Recording an Ensemble: The 'How to'"
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Dr. Ron Hufstader - Director of Bands, The University of Texas at El Paso

  • "Talent Is Never Enough"
  • "Teaching with Purpose"
  • "Let's Get Focused"
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Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser - Vice President of Education, Conn-Selmer, Inc.

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Larry Livingston - Chair, Department of Conducting, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California

  • "ALL IN--The bad news is you may not be able to be like your high school band director. The great news is you can channel Thomas Edison!"
  • "ALL IN--The Music Man Was Right"
Complete Bio

Gary Markham - (Retired) Supervisor of Music, Cobb County Public Schools

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Dr. Charles Menghini- President, VanderCook College of Music

  • "Excellence Is a Verb"
  • "Teaching Beginning Band in the Digital Age"
  • "Music Advocacy: It's Time to Toot Your Own Horns"
  • "The Importance of Foundation"
Complete Bio

Marcia Neel - President Music Education Consultants

  • "Starting a Music Booster Program"
  • "Interviewing Skills: The Rules of the Road"
  • "Securing the Interview by Preparing an Effective Letter of Introduction and Quality Resume"
  • "360 Degrees of Communication" (with Special Thanks to John Maxwell)
Complete Bio

Richard Saucedo - Director of Bands, Emeritus, Carmel High School

  • "The Parent/Administrator/Music Teacher Relationship"
  • "People Skills from the Podium!"
  • "The Top 10 Things College Music Majors Need to Know When They Start Their First Job!"
  • "Time to Get Your Hearing Checked!?"
Complete Bio

Dr. Johanna Siebert - Director of the Arts, Webster Central School District

Complete Bio

Elizabeth Sokolowski - Head of Music Education Division, University of the Arts

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Mike Sweeney - Director of Band Publications, Hal Leonard Corporation

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Nancy Taylor - Trumpet Professor, University of Texas at El Paso

  • "Teaching Healthy Musicianship: Injury Prevention in Music Education"
  • "Teaching Healthy Musicianship in Marching Band"
Complete Bio

Dr. Frank Tracz - Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Kansas State University

  • "Band Directors Need YOU Now!!"
  • "Building a Lasting Band Program at Any Level"
  • "Dealing with Generation Y"
  • "Conquering Adversity: Survival for Today's Band Director"
Complete Bio

Frank Troyka - Retired Director of Bands, Berkner High School

  • "The Private Lesson Program: Providing Guidance, Direction, and Support"
  • "Developing Intonation Awareness in Young Musicians"
  • "Moving Student Leadership from the Field to the Concert Hall"
Complete Bio

David Vandewalker - Assistant Director of Bands, Georgia State University

  • "Strategic Event Planning for Successful Fundraising"
  • "Tips for Building an Army of Volunteers/Boosters"
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