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Building Trust

By Gary Markham 

It takes great personal character traits to be a successful educator, but trustworthiness is of the highest order. Having great pedagogical skill, wonderful instructional strategies and inspiring conducting prowess are certainly important traits for a music educator. However, the ability to develop trusting relationships must have equal weight and be at the center of your character. 

Students will be motivated to work harder when there is genuine caring and the trust that you want them to succeed. They must know that you will not give up on them and you will do whatever is necessary to support their instructional needs. Moreover, your modeling of trustworthiness will be a positive inspiration beyond the music making. 

Parents entrust their most important treasure to you everyday. It is critical to care for their children’s health and safety, as well as provide them with wonderful music experiences. Their trust in you to provide an environment of safety and musical joy is the best advocacy you can possibly achieve. 

Gaining trust with administrators and teacher colleagues will do wonders for your program. Do not become isolated in your own room only tending to your program. Administrators and colleagues must trust that you sincerely have the best interest of all students and the entire school at the center of your actions. Work to see the “big picture” and to understand the importance of every discipline. Empathize with the crucial and difficult job of the school administrator and determine how you and your program can help. 

Create a culture of collegiality with music teacher colleagues. This can be most easily accomplished by building a level of trust that you are genuinely interested in sharing your knowledge and gaining important insight from them. Remember you can reach much greater heights working together than any one can do alone.
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