Taking Your Instrument Home

Music Note
Your child will likely be excited once they have their instrument.  This is their opportunity to demonstrate their responsibility.  They may be ready to immediately show you how to put their instrument together or how they can make a sound when they play.

BeginningBand_TAKING-YOUR-INSTRUMENT-HOME_SUPPORT.jpgThere may be circumstances where your excited student may cause unknown damage to the instrument if they have not had guidance from their instructor on how to do this.  It is recommended that they wait until they have taken their instrument to band or orchestra class with guidance from their instructor.

Once your student has had this instruction, encourage them to show you what they have learned.  By clicking on the instrument type below, you can see detailed instructions on assembly so you can actively participate with what they’ve learned.


Watch clarinet expert Bob Lichty demonstrate first time setup of a clarinet.


Watch trombone expert Mark Gifford demonstrate first time setup of a trombone.


Watch trumpet expert Jeff Christiana demonstrate first time setup of a trumpet.


Watch saxophone expert Bob Lichty demonstrate first time setup of a saxophone.

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